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My Dreams: So Much Bigger

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

My Trip, My Journey, My Life, My Dream

Let’s take a trip. A journey, shall we? Let’s call it life. And a Dream.

It’s becoming quite clear to me that life isn’t a straight line from birth to death. It’s a turbulent whirlwind, a slow meander, a harsh roller coaster, and a bright painting of captivating beauty.

Most of us don’t become what we set out to become. We learn and grow and change and reinvent. Others still dream that same dream we had when we started but languish slowly in the muck and mud never knowing when to take the helping hand and move on to the next fork in the room.

Sometimes we become so determined to stay the course on the twisty, windy path because there is something waiting for us on the other side. We feel it to our core.

I’ve realized over time that maybe I should just give up on the dream I’ve dreamt since I was seven, move on, accept a decent job, travel, and live my life. But that path, while safe and sure, seems stagnant and passionless. And shouldn’t we try to find that passion? Make our life beautiful and meaningful in our own way. Or should I stop the madness, shut down the websites, the social media, the hurried, frenzied desires, and just be?

My dreams… are so much bigger than that.

And only now, as I’m staring at 55, do I have complete confidence in myself, who I am, what I am capable of doing, and where I want to be. So much so that I reach and stretch for the stars instead of settling on the grass at my feet.

My dreams. Yeah. They are so much bigger than that.

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