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A Life of Balance

There's something about yoga. I'm reminded every time I step on my mat.

Balance. Creating movement equally on both sides. Balancing your weight on all four corners of your foot, equally distributing your weight on both sides of your body.

The balance between body and soul, between work and life, between friends and family. I never fully realize just how unbalanced my life is until I'm on the mat. There I can feel the difference between each side of my body, where I have tightness, where there might be pain.

The mat is where I can assess just how much noise goes on in my head and where I can put it away and quiet those noises.

It's a reminder that if you don't take the time to seek that balance, you can burn out, get sick, and be stuck.

I learn something every time I sit on my mat, in the semi-darkness, surrounded by soft energy. I've reached the point of burnout. I reached the point of too much noise inside my head.

There's a dream to follow but it can't be reached if I don't take care of body and soul. It's so very important. Don't let it get you too.

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