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Coming August 20, 2024


Two decades ago, mother and daughter, Sabrina and Melanie Crew disappeared without a trace. Now a dying father-in-law and grandfather is desperate to find the women before he dies. He enlists the help of Will Mann, Nikki Page’s longtime friend and temporary boss, who passes the task on to Nikki.

After hearing about Dr. Edmund Crew’s devastating losses over a lifetime, Nikki is determined to start the search, but who knows what she’ll be able to find after two decades.

The clues start piling up and Nikki realizes there is more than meets the eye. The more she learns, the more she realizes, that nothing is what it seems.

As the net widens, it begins to pull in people she loves and she must tread carefully as she searches for mother and daughter because no one is safe.

Read Sports Page, book two of the Nikki Page Mysteries.

Sports Page - Signed Copy

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