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A powerful Elemental statue was stolen from Windmere School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. How a thief entered the nearly impenetrable magical high school and left without being detected, was unheard of, to say the least. And it was the second of its kind to go missing in weeks. That made it troubling.

Hours after the theft, Annie Pearce, Wizard Guard, is called in to investigate. As the clues accumulate, she's left with a feeling in her gut that's anything but warm and fuzzy.

She wants to know how and why the statue was stolen.

The case takes a strange turn that leads her toward a cold case, and an old friend. The more she discovers, the more she learns about an evil plan, a world in danger, an ancient society on the verge of power.

Annie must decide what's real, what's fake, and which path to follow if she expects to stop a plan that could lead to deadly consequences.

Magic's End is the sixth book in The Wizard Hall Chronicles series, an urban fantasy, police procedural by Sheryl Steines.

Find out how Annie and the Wizard Guards solve the crime and save the world, again.

Magic's End Signed Copy

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