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Like so many conspiracies before, this one started with a dead body.Unidentified. In the middle of the forest. Right outside a portal to the Black Market. It's Annie's job, as a Wizard Guard, to get to the bottom of the mystery body. A job made even more pressing when an ancient artifact is found hidden with the John Doe. An artifact imbued with powerful magic able to control the mythical demons that spell danger for the magical and non-magical alike. But powerful forces want to get their hands on the artifact and now Annie and her Wizard Guards are the only defense to save the world of magic. When their investigation takes them into the sights of an ancient and secretive society, Annie soon becomes the target of a powerful figure who is hell-bent on stopping her no matter the cost.Will Annie have to give into the dark side to save the world of magic she’s sworn to protect? Where Urban Fantasy and Murder Mystery meet. If you like high-stakes adventure with a twist, then grab your copy of Black Market today!

Black Market Signed Copy

  • Prefer an eBook $4.99

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