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The Legend of Anaise

Extra content. This was an important part of the book, Prophecy, that is, until my editor said it was too much of a spoiler. So here for your reading pleasure, the folk tale, The Legend of Anaise.

There was never a truer hero as Anaise the Strong, so the prophecy told.

Her destiny was foretold in the fire;

Anaise would be the one to save the ancient coven

From the ghastly beasts that roamed the land.

The ancient coven knew nothing but pain and fear.

Desperate for peace, they called on the ancient ones for an answer.

They send the coven the face of Anaise the Strong.

To the future, the bravest of warriors was sent to claim Anaise.

Alone in a time not his own, Kolgaar of the Vikings searched the land.

Until the ancient ones put Anaise in his path.

When he found the treasure he sought, he gifted her a mighty sword.

The prophecy had begun.

Anaise the Brave, must choose to accept her destiny

To save the future.

Or would Anaise return to the past to save her family?

Anaise, so good and so true, chose a path set out for her centuries ago.

She returned to the past with Kolgaar, to save the future.

When the skies opened up

And the storms rolled through;

The mighty beasts attacked.

From the woods they came, a horde that overtook the land.

Anaise nearly fell in battle.

But she knew, to save the ancient coven,

With a sword made only for her,

Anaise would steal their souls,

And when the beasts were weakened,

The fire would finish them off.

It could only be the fire.

Hot and bright, the flames would dance with beautiful colors.

And consume the ancient demons.

As Anaise watched the fire burn away the flesh of the mighty beasts,

She watched in awe.

Ash swirled and blew across the sky.

The echoes of the demon’s pain rang in her ears.

Battered and broken,

Anaise the Brave stood strong.

She received a gift of power.

It filled her with light and love.

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