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The Wizard Hall Chronicles

An urban fantasy murder mystery. Women's paranormal fiction. Magic, vampires, and demons, oh my!

Get the boxed set for only $9.99.


The Day of First Sun – When the non-magical, high-profile princess is killed by a magical curse, Annie Pearce must solve her murder, before the mystical Day of First Sun or magic will be exposed forever.

Black Market – A dead body, an ancient artifact, and a secret society threaten to destroy the veil between the magical and non-magical world. Will it expose magic?

Wizard War – When a foe is resurrected, Annie is sent on a journey to stop the vampire. But she is blocked at every turn by another wizard guard unit. Can she stop the vampire before the world wide magical community is thrown into a wizard war?

Prophecy – Would you go back to the past to save your family or save the magical future? Annie must chose, and the repercussions of that choice will change her forever.

Rise of the Black Market – When the black market resurfaces, Annie's life is tossed upside down and everything she knew was wrong. Can Annie save herself and all she loves, or will her enemy, someone she once loved, destroy her?


Wizard Hall Chronicles, Books 1-5

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