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Dive into this tale where urban fantasy and murder mystery meet...Annie Pearce is a wizard guard, which is basically exactly what it sounds like. She guards the world from magic. However, when a very non-magical princess ends up dead from a very magical curse, all of her skills will be put to the test.She's able to get access to FBI investigation into the crime and the lead investigator, Jack Ramsey, seems to actually be a good guy who cares about justice. But he can't really help her find a killer when he's working with only half the story.As Annie learns more about the princess, and the darker corners of the magical world, she realizes that this corruption goes further than she ever could've suspected.If she wants to catch her bad guy and manage to get out of this alive, she's going to have to trust Jack. Will telling him the truth be the key to everything? Or will her trust in a normal turn her entire team against her?The magical and non-magical worlds have been set on a collision course from the moment the princess died, and Annie is going to need a lot of luck, police work, and maybe even a few potions to save the world this time.

The Day of First Sun Signed Copy

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