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How can you outrun an assassin that’s your own flesh and blood?Are her powers enough to save her? When word of a new Black Market emerges, Wizard Guard units from across the world jump into action – And once again, Annie Pearce finds herself in the middle of it all. But as she joins the search, she soon learns that she isn’t the only one looking for the Black Market…Old enemies are regrouping. Enemies who want her new powers, and who will stop at nothing to get them. With a magical assassin on her trail, Annie is faced with the struggle of a lifetime when she realizes that her own flesh and blood has been sent to kill her. With the fate of the Wizard World hanging in the balance and dangerous powers competing to control the Black Market, will Annie be able to protect what’s left of her family, or will this mission be her last?The epic conclusion to the Wizard Hall Chronicles. Action, mystery, and world-threatening stakes all in one. Grab your copy today!

Rise of the Black Market Signed Copy

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